3D Sales, an Autocraft subsidiary, is excited to announce the launch of its new website.  3D Sales designs custom workstations for manufacturing operations looking to improve throughput, quality, and safety.  

The team at 3D recently completed work with a Fortune 100 manufacturer looking for fast, low cost ways to improve a problematic step in their assembly sequence.  The 3D team worked with the line manager to build a workstation with component totes, in-station lighting, and a height-adjustable work surface to accommodate all workers.  The design was delivered fully assembled to the customer 5 days after the design was approved.    


"A custom workstation is often a simple but highly effective treatment to problems with throughput and quality," says Mike Carrell, a Designer at 3D Sales.  "The optimal placement of materials, work in process, and tools within a worker's space reduces errors and improves ergonomics."

3D Sales prides itself on rapid, low-cost, and simple solutions to every day problems on your line.  Check out the new site at www.threedsales.com today!