AutoCart systems have over 1,000,000 hours of production uptime

Autocart automated guided carts can be found in hundreds of facilities around the world delivering material safely and predictably.  Our patented IntelliCharge and FlexRoute technologies result in systems that are simple, flexible, and fully-automated. Autocraft field engineers provide turnkey installation and support for your operation.  

The INDUSTRY Standard

Since our beginning in 1958, we've embraced science and technology to help our customers build and assemble better products safer and faster.   While we're proud of the partnerships we've built, we earn your trust through the design & delivery of our work.    

BASE Models

A material handling systems consists of many components including the AGC, charging stations, companion frames, on-deck tooling, and a guidance system.  While every system is custom, Autocart utilizes a base AGC model based on properties of your operation like throughput, material weight, & traffic management considerations.  Our wide breadth of base models allow us to deliver the most price competitive system to our customers.      


We look forward to starting a conversation with you to learn how Autocraft can help make your manufacturing process more cost effective, reliable, and safe.  Complete the form and a sales engineer will be in contact within 24 hours.